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My SDCC ’12 Schedule

With Comic-Con rapidly approaching, and my limited free time rapidly diminishing, I thought I’d post my schedule here. We’ll have other IDW panels I’m not directly involved with and post them all at the IDW site, but these are the ones that I’m going to be doing, as well as the mention of a KISS signing alongside Gene Simmons and Jamal Igle.

The panel with the biggest train-wreck potential is the IDW panel, which we’re calling The IDW Show. It’s being treated as a late0night talk-show, with guests and a monologue and top-10 list and  musical guest and house band and Stupid Audience Tricks…

I’m also doing a speaking event at the San Diego Law Library downtown on Tuesday afternoon but don’t have all the details on that one yet, so not sure if it’s open to the public or not.



Thursday, 7/12/12, 2:00 PM

I’m moderating a panel with Joe Hill, Margaret Atwood, Sam Wells, Audrey Niffenegger and more. It’s a discussion of the new Bradbury tribute book, SHADOW SHOW: ALL-NEW STORIES IN CELEBRATION OF RAY BRADBURY. And it’ll now be even more of a celebration of Bradbury’s life and legacy, too.



Friday, 7/13/12, 12:30 – 1:30 pm, Room: 8

It’s an exciting year for Judge Dredd – not only does he turn 35 but he has a big-budget movie coming, a brand-new IDW series launching, and more. Join IDW’s Chris Ryall, Dredd movie concept artist Jock, 2000 AD’s Matt Smith and Ben Smith, and some very special guests, alongside moderator Douglas Wolk as we announce the creative team of IDW’s series, talk about the return of the Dark Judges, and much more!



Friday, 7/13/12, 3:00 – 4:00 pm, IDW booth

Gene Simmons, Chris Ryall, and Jamal Igle



Friday, 7/13/12 – 4:00 – 5:00 PM, Room 4, 55 min, TV-MA

Hosts Chris Ryall and Dirk Wood welcome special guests Duane Swierczynski, Brea & Zane Grant, John Shirley, Zach Howard, and. Plus! Special Announcements by Bobby Curnow, a Top 10 list by Scott Tipton, Stupid Audience Tricks, and Musical Guest Alan Robert & The Grants. NEW (CC)



Friday, 7/13/12, 5:00p.m. – 6:00p.m., Room: 9

I’m just a guest on this one, but it should be valuable to anyone looking to hear what editors and publishers are looking for.


Saturday, 7/14/12, 5:00 – 6:00 pm, Room: 9

The Locke family has been through a lot so far in the acclaimed series, but the worst is yet to come in Omega, the concluding Locke & Key storyline coming this winter. IDW Editor-in-Chief and L&K editor Chris Ryall hosts a sit-down with Locke & Key creators, writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez, as they tell you what is coming in Omega, what else they have planned once that wraps, and a few surprises as well.



  1. Hi, just wondering if IDW will revive their “Jurassic Park” license for the upcoming fourth film directed by Colin Trevorrow which hits theaters in June of next year – possibly an adaptation of or companion to JP4? Thanks!

    • Not sure yet–we’re waiting for more details on the movie and to see if there’s a good prequel story to be told that leads into the new film.

  2. Thanks for the info! It’s encouraging that it’s come up and you guys are considering it. 🙂

  3. BTW, do you mind if I relay this info on a JP message board? If not, no problem, but I wanted to ask. Thx.

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