Posted by: ryalltime | June 11, 2012

CBG’s 10 Favorite Covers

In this month’s COMICS BUYER’S GUIDE, I throw my Ten Favorite Covers out there. Rather than just go so broadly, I went for a theme–my ten favorite Annual covers. And the piece came out nicely, other than one thing I screwed up.

When you read the text for the NEW TEEN TITANS ANNUAL, it refers to “painterly colors” and “solid black inks on the primary colors,” which of course makes no sense on the #3 cover pictured. I intended to feature Annual #1 on the list, which would’ve actually made sense with that write-up, as you can see in the attached file.

That little flub aside — and like I say, any George Perez cover is likely to make my top 10 list — I was happy to be a part of this feature.

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