Posted by: ryalltime | November 30, 2010

Edge of Doom, too


The second issue of the 5-issue EDGE OF DOOM, by Steve Niles and Kelley Jones, hits stores tomorrow. I feel like this is a series that slipped out there without too much fanfare, and I’d like to focus everyone in on it. The series, which has a more sci-fi flavor than many of Niles’ comics, and has Kelley Jones doing a great Wally Wood riff (see below), is a great, unique, and easily accessible series. Every issue is a standalone tale that nevertheless pays off in the final issue as you see how the different stories being told all cleverly link together.

In addition to the #2 cover above, Kelley’s lineart for the cover is below, as well as a few interior pages (all colored by Jay Fotos).

The official solicits for the issue:

Another tale of stark-raving four-color madness from our horror hosts Steve Niles and Kelley Jones! On an exploratory mission to a strange new world, space pioneer Morgan is left behind when his ship  lifts-off without him. With years alone on a deserted planet, and struggling to keep his sanity, he creates a bond with the most unlikely of companions—his three-foot-tall weather robot. But can you trust your soul to a bucket of bolts?


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