Posted by: ryalltime | December 1, 2010

Romantic love for Love and Capes

There aren’t too many comics we do that are appropriate for the Romantic Times Book Review, but not only did LOVE AND CAPES fit that bill, but both volumes of the trade paoperback that we’ve released got glowing marks from the RT Book Review online, and a longer interview with Zahler will be in the February print edition of the magazine, too. Which is a nice lead-in to the new series, LOVE AND CAPES: EVER AFTER, which starts up in February and is featured in the current issue of Previews.

In addition to Thom Zaher working his usual magic in all five issues, issue 1 features a variant “kids Valentine” cover from Thom, and subsequent issues will feature covers by Tom Beland, Darwyn Cooke (his cover to issue 3 is above), and Chris Bailey.

Here’s the review of Volume 1 and the link to Volume 2.


  1. […] the cover to issue #3 of the new mini-series, Love and Capes: Ever After. IDW Publsiher Chris Ryall posted the cover on his blog, and notes that Tom Beland and Chris Bailey will provide covers for the five-issue series as […]

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