Posted by: ryalltime | October 14, 2010

Spike + Willow

Brian Lynch and Franco Urru‘s long-awaited SPIKE series debuted this week (and received its first glowing reviews at Buffyverse here and here). So rather than let you all settle in and enjoy the fact that Lynch and Urru (as well as characters from Mosaic, like Beck and Betta George, along with Drusilla, Spider, and others) are back, I thought I’d give you a look at the covers for issue 5, once of which hasn’t been seen anywhere yet. That’d be this one, by Jenny Frison, which should give you a good clue as to who the issue’s guest-star is:

and there’s also this one I showed at NYCC last week, by Nick Runge:


  1. Gorgeous covers on both counts!

  2. I just LOVE this artist – her covers have been outstanding – Boy, how the Buffyverse and Angelverse are changing –

    The Wedding rendering of Spike is wonderful – the artist really captured a quality of facial expression that is perfect – so Spike. I feel like I am watching a scene from the TV series and not a work on paper.
    Willow, also excellent. Mr. Runge did a splendid cover – I hope that we will see more of his work.

    Jenny Frisson’s cover is so elegant and powerful – such completely different images and depictions of the characters – both so excellent – and what’s with the hand of Willow over the same place the Lurky placed his at? NICE

    The first issue – A GREAT START – I am very excited about this new series.

  3. Ohhh, GOD! These covers are GREAT!!! I’m a huge Spike/Buffy fan, I even didn’t think about a possible relationship between Spike and Willow, but these pictures are fantastic, especially that one with the shirtless Spike… Oh, god it makes my heart throb! I can’t wait. And may I buy that cover on a poster?

  4. Elegant stylizations, these covers *do* deserve to be huge posters.

    I wonder if they have any relevance to the plot. Because if they are — we’re for an exceptional ride!

  5. As I said on twitter, this cover is the best thing ever. And big thanks for the linkage, good sir.

  6. Oh so wonderfully done!! I love both covers but Frison’s is just a beauty. Absolutely nailed him. So looking forward to this whole series!!!


    And yessssss, posters my precioussss, posters *makes big eyes*

  7. […] Spike + Willow Brian Lynch and Franco Urru‘s long-awaited SPIKE series debuted this week (and received its first glowing reviews […] […]

  8. Is it me or does Willow seem to be re-ensouling Spike as she did Angel in season 4

  9. Omg, these are jaw droppingly awesome.

    Jenny Frison’s cover is stunning, dramatic and just so damn beautiful. And rather sexy :o) Willow’s cheeky smile is delicious.

    Nick Runge’s cover is also gorgeous, and I second nmcil on the facial expressions. So in character and something really special has been captured on Spike’s face that I’ve only ever seen before for real on James on the show, never in comic art. Plus this cover is so fun and makes me smile – a Chapel of Luurve in Vegas with an Elvis registrar!!! Love Love Love!

    Posters would be utterly awesome of course, but I don’t know how likely. What would be fabulous Chris, is a hardcover book of art at the end of the series, larger than A4 format, with all of the covers. Pretty pretty please….

    I do adore Jenny Frison’s art, the 1st cover and previews for this series are gorgeous, but I’ve loved nearly all her covers for Angel too.

    Well done to Lynch & Urru on Spike issue 1 – great stuff!

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