Posted by: ryalltime | October 11, 2010

Oh my Godzilla

So I called up Eric Powell to talk about him getting involved with our coming new GODZILLA projects. We talked a bit about what it could be, and the fact that we had access to over a dozen good Toho monsters in addition to the Big G — the first time in comics anyone could use any of these characters.

The whole time, I’m thinking about how perfectly suited Powell’s sensibilities and art would be for this. And trying not to think that, since often the perfect pairing gets derailed due to schedules, being booked up too far out, bad timing, any number of details that can get in the way. He was interested, and would think about it. We hung up. I tried not to get my mind too set on this, to stave off any disappointment in case it didn’t work.

And then after a weekend, he sends me this out of the blue:

He told me he couldn’t get the idea out of his head, until he got it out and onto paper. This was looking good.

And he’s got a great idea for an ongoing series, GODZILLA: MONSTER WORLD, which he’d be co-writing with Tracy Marsh, as well as painting the series’ covers.

The quick teaser image became this:



And now GODZILLA: MONSTER WORLD is coming, starting in March. And it’s just the beginning. Hopefully a miniseries written by a recent Eisner- and Harvey-winner will be following closely behind.

Details to follow. And what sweet, destructive details they will be…



  1. It’s great to see the Big G back to comics, and with such a great writer. I hope to see something so vibrant like “Godzilla Final Wars”… or even better! Stomping Tokyo again!

  2. I am really excited about this and I think it’s great you are launching as an ongoing. Cris, any insight to why the other monsters weren’t authorized to be used in comics before? Did IDW have to put in a special request or anything to get those additional rights?

    • There were various reasons why it never happened before, but not anything I’d feel right sharing here. I’m just happy those reasons are no longer barries to this happening now.

  3. This is what I call BIG news…
    Keep Rockin’ Guys!


  4. Let’s all sing the Jet Jaguar song!

  5. Is Mowry going to get to write some Godzilla?

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