Posted by: ryalltime | October 27, 2009

Apple of my eye

Tomorrow, to coincide with the launch of JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT’S MUSIC BOX #1 comic book tomorrow in print form and as an iTunes app at the same time, Scott Lobdell, the book’s co-creator with JLH, will be doing an appearance at the Apple Store on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica from 7 PM to 8 PM tomorrow night. And since Scott’s not supposed to be left without a chaperone, I’ll be doing the presentation with him. We’ll run through the creative development of the comic, as well as the process of formatting the comic for iTunes, too. Anyone in the area or in line at the Genius Bar tomorrow is encouraged to come by and hang out with us.*

*Note: Jennifer Love Hewitt will be signing copies of the comic itself at Meltdown Comics on Sunset at the same time, but since it’s hard to get from the West Side over to that part of town, hopefully we’ll have some people show up for our part, too.

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