Posted by: ryalltime | June 22, 2009

They come to praise Groom Lake #3, not bury it

GROOM LAKE #3 got some nice praise at’s Best Shots this week. I almost used the name “Ochmonek” for a character in the book as a nod to ALF, too. Had I done that, I think Archibald might’ve taken the top spot in reviewer Brendan’s heart…

Groom Lake #3 (IDW; review by Brendan): I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying Groom Lake. Ben Templesmith is in rare form here, and I think Archibald, the classically grey but unconventionally chain-smoking extraterrestrial, is my favorite alien since Alf. This book is just fun, no two ways about it. I though Templesmith had found his perfect project with Fell, but this book is, um, even more… perfecter. A romp about foreign invaders and our feeble attempts to regulate them, this is a high water mark for Chris Ryall and IDW.

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