Posted by: ryalltime | February 27, 2008

Working in the lab, late one night

We’ve been doing more and more all-ages comics and books of late, things like SPEED RACER, TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED, our children’s picture book line, and now, coming in MAY, a prequel to this Fall’s CGI-animated movie, IGOR. We’ll be doing the adaptation, too, but for now, we’re doing a 4-part prequel that leads into the movie. Dara Naraghi, who’s also writing a ZOMBIES comic for us, is writing, with Grant Bond doing full art and colors. And his stuff looks like finished storyboards from the movie, as you can see here. The issues will feature multiple stories, some longer and some shorter, to make this as appealing to kids, and adults, as possible, and to shake up the usual (well, unless you’re ARCHIE) format.

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