Posted by: ryalltime | February 22, 2012

IDW at London Super Con this weekend

In this case, IDW is just me from the home office, and a good buncha talent hanging out for signings, portfolio reviews and flash-drinkups (those exist, right?). Should be a good time. Here’s what’s officially scheduled but there’ll be lots of informal scribblings going on at the IDW booth as well, so if you’re at the show, come on by during the weekend and say hey.

One Guinness (can, not bottle) gets you two minutes to pitch me on your dream project, too…




  1. Have a safe trip and an excellent time at the con! I loved it over there when I went.

  2. Hi, Chris, I just wanted to thank you for the constructive review of my portfolio you gave me on Saturday. I’m the guy both JP Bove and Nick Roche wanted to make sure got one. I’ll certainly be trying to apply what you recommended to my future work!

  3. Wondering if you would ever dip into more Pacific Comics titles and bring them back like you did with The Rocketeer. I would love to see a new Aztec Ace series on the stands. Or Dnagents or Crossfire would also be lovely to see.

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