Posted by: ryalltime | January 6, 2012

Visions of 2012 – Parker: The Score

Coming in May, the third volume of Darwyn Cooke‘s acclaimed, award-winning PARKER graphic novel series, THE SCORE.


  1. […] of Chris Ryall’s blog we get news that Parker: The Score by Darwyn Cooke will be available this May. Plus check out the […]

  2. […] Chris Ryall has been sharing teases of various 2012 IDW projects, and today’s is, literally, quite the score. Coming in May is the third Parker novel adaptation by the great Darwyn Cooke, titled Parker: The […]

  3. […] in comics right now. The Hunter was great. The Outfit was greater. And would you look at that? IDW just teased the third book, The Score, due in May. GET EXCITED YOU GUYS. MORE EXCITED. Ok, that’s excited […]

  4. […] Ryall revealed the first preview for Darwyn Cooke’s 2012 adaptation of Richard Starker’s The S… the other day. As expected, it’s a great image, well in line with the other novels Cooke has […]

  5. […] thrilled that IDW has announced a third Parker comic. Darwyn Cooke’s adaptations of Donald Westlake’s novels are slick pulpy fun from start […]

  6. Chris,

    Is there any chance that this will end up becoming a print or poster? This would instantly become the coolest thing hanging on a wall in my house, and I’m sure there are many, many other fans who would love to get one, too. Anyways, thanks!

    – Alex

    • No plans for any Parker posters right now, but I agree, this one would be great. Worth looking into, anyway.

      • I just scoured the internet to see if this was sent out to shops as a promo poster before seeing your response. I hope if it is made we will see it at cons this summer. Speaking of which, are there any plans for a special edition of this book like we have seen with the others?

  7. […] Crime-Noir rajongóknak kötelező. (Előzetest nem találtam, csak a kiadó szerkesztője blogján ezt a teaser-t, […]

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