Posted by: ryalltime | January 3, 2012

Visions of 2011 – Next Men: Aftermath

Figured I’d use the start of the new year to preview some good new IDW projects and show some new art pieces that’ve rolled in at the end of 2011. Up here are covers to JOHN  BYRNE’S NEXT MEN: AFTERMATH. Issues 40 and 41 have been seen before, but these are new. JB posted his psychedelic variant cover at his forum last week, but Ronda Pattison’s cover is being seen here for the first time anywhere.

NEXT MEN: AFTERMATH picks up after the end of JBNM #(3)9, and runs for five issues. Along the way, it heads in some very unexpected directions, such as 1975, as seen on these covers. Which means those of you who’ve been asking for a WHEELIE AND THE CHOPPER BUNCH crossover just might get your way…


  1. Byrne once stated that Next Men would run to issue 50. That got cut down to issue 39.

    Then Byrne said Aftermath would run 12 issues, then 10 and now 5.

    Are sales that dismal that he cannot sell more than 6 issues at a time? Whatever happened to Byrne’s faithfull 50,000 readers? Down to the faithfull 5,000 i guess. How the mighty have fallen!

    The worst part is he crows about the success of Next Men on his forum. Talk about diminished expectations.

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