Posted by: ryalltime | October 11, 2011

NGI Chile photo recap

I spent the latter half of last week and the weekend in Santiago, Chile as a guest of ProChile and the NGI Chile organization talking to comic-book creators and graphic art students. It was a great, enriching time, and I got to spend time with folk like IDW artists Gabriel Rodriguez, Alan Robinson, and Kote Carvajal, among many others. Rather than spend much time on a written recap, I figured a full photo montage would be the best way to give some glimpses of how I spent my time and who I spent it with.

Yep, that’s probably the only reason for the easy photo filmstrip here, it’s not to save me any time as I dig out from under a week out of the country…




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  1. thanks for everything!!

  2. Truly amazing experience!

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