Posted by: ryalltime | October 3, 2011

Un-Locke the Moon

This deserves a longer blog entry and some more pages shown, but I’m hustling before heading out to Chile in a couple days. And since I’m headed down there to speak about graphic novels and will see people like Gabriel Rodriguez, Nelson Daniel, Alan Robinson, and Kote Carvajal while there, I thought I’d spotlight art by those talented Chilean folk.

First up is the ever-amazing Gabriel Rodriguez, and his cover for a very special LOCKE & KEY “interlude” issue that we’re doing between issues 2 and 3 of CLOCKWORKS. This one-shot is called LOCKE & KEY: GUIDE TO THE KNOWN KEYS. It features the diary entries for all the known keys (there are some new entries here that no one has seen), as well as three “failed keys” as drawn by Bode.

It also has “Open the Moon,” an all-new, standalone 16-page story in it from the usual conspirators, Joe Hill, Gabriel and colorist Jay Fotos. And it’s really one of the most amazing, and amazing-looking, standalone stories I’ve seen in a long time. If you all liked the “Sparrow” issue of L&K that paid tribute to Bill Watterson, then you should definitely check out what Gabe and Jay do and who they emulate here.

The issue itself is out on November 9, and I’ll try to show off a page or two before that, although I do also want to leave the story’s artistic sense of wonder for you to discover in the pages of the issue itself. For now, you get Gabriel’s cover for the issue.

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