Posted by: ryalltime | September 21, 2011

Chris Roberson: One to Watch

Today at Comic Book Resources is a piece that called writer Chris RobersonOne to Watch.” But since it didn’t elaborate on all those reasons, focusing more on his current work at Boom! and DC than his upcoming work for us, I thought I’d show a bit of art from his newest creation, MEMORIAL, launching in December. Chris is doing the book with artist Rich Ellis and cover artist Michael Wm. Kaluta. The official press release about the book went out yesterday, and said this:

Starting in December, IDW Publishing is proud to offer the fantastical new mini-series, MEMORIAL. This impressively creative series is written by New York Times best-selling author and creator of iZombie and Cinderella: Fables are Forever, Chris Roberson with art by the enormously talented artist Rich Ellis and a cover by the fan-favorite Michael Kaluta. An eleven-page preview of this far-reaching new series will be featured in selected IDW comics throughout October.

 “Memorial,” Roberson said, “is a kind of cross between Doctor Who and Sandman by way of Miyazaki. A comic about memory and magic, mythology and mystery.”

MEMORIAL tells the story of Em, a young woman who arrives at a hospital in Portland, Oregon with no memory of her past. A year later, her newly-rebuilt life is thrown into turmoil after she inherits a magical shop, the kind that appears in an alley one instant and disappears the next. Em finds herself drawn into a supernatural conflict between immortal beings representing the fundamental aspects of the universe itself.  All of existence is at stake, and the only things standing in the way of total oblivion are Em, the magical shop, and a talking cat.

“I’m incredibly excited about Memorial. Chris and Rich have put together a series I’m very proud to be publishing, and that I know is going to find an audience,” said IDW CEO and Publisher, Ted Adams. “To that end, we’re determined to make sure that as many people as possible see the preview before retailers have to place their pre-orders for #1.”

Comic veteran Roberson has received two Eisner Award nominations this year for Best Limited Series (Cinderella: From Fabeltown with Love) and Best New Series (iZombie). Readers are encouraged to look for the preview of MEMORIAL #1 in many of IDW’s October comics, including 30 DAYS OF NIGHT #1, COLD WAR #1, DOCTOR WHO #10, H.P. LOVECRAFT: THE DUNWICH HORROR #1, STAR TREK #2, and STAR TREK/LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1.

The preview will also be available for free through the IDW Comics app on iTunes.

MEMORIAL #1 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores in December 2011. Diamond order code SEPT11

So above is a bit more from the first issue, courtesy of Rich Ellis, as well as the first cover from Kaluta.




  1. Looking forward to this! I a big fan of Roberson’s work and I like the pages I’ve seen here so far! brilliant! Love that interupted panel(panels2 & 3) on the first page.

    • woops. I mean, Love that interrupted panel(panels2 & 3) on the THIRD page.

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