Posted by: ryalltime | September 20, 2011

Preview of Chris Madden’s weekly The Courier #1

One thing I really love about comics are singular voices. I was just tweeting about The Sindiecate paying tribute to creator James Stokoe‘s book ORC STAIN, and Stokoe is definitely that. Another guy who really stands out to me as a great new talent in comics is someone I’m more directly associated with: Chris Madden, who’s launching his first series with us this fall.

Madden is doing a book called JACK AVARICE IS THE COURIER, and because we feel so strongly about the work Madden is doing on this book, we’re presenting it in a special way this November. We’re doing the entire five-part series as a five-issue weekly event in November (November being one of those months with five Wednesdays of new comics in it). As you can see from the preview below, Madden, who wrote/drew/colored/lettered the entire series, knows how to make comics fun.

(So fun, in fact, that he’s been tapped to do a new DANGER GIRL with Andy and Jeff for us in early 2012, too.)

I know new comics are a tough thing for both retailers and fans to take a chance on sight unseen. Which is why I want to make sure everyone sees this, since like I say, it really feels like the start of someone special in comics.

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