Posted by: ryalltime | June 29, 2011

Jurassic Bears

In September, we’re heading to JURASSIC PARK’s Isla Nublar for the first time in our comics. Novelist Greg Bear (The Forge of God, Blood Music) and his son Erik Bear are writing a new 5-part JP series for us, JURASSIC PARK: DANGEROUS GAMES. The series features covers by Jeffrey Zornow (GODZILLA: KINGDOM OF MONSTERS covers) and interiors by Jorge Jimenez (TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON movie adaptation), as well as a new dino cover by Geof Darrow for September’s issue 1. The official solicits for the first issue are below, as are Zornow’s first three covers, the Darrow piece, and a couple interior pages from issue 1:

“The time has come… to return to Isla Nublar! The famed original Jurassic Park island has become overgrown and wild after years of being stuck in United Nations limbo.  A major criminal overlord has moved in and started using the island as a base of operations. Undercover agent Espinoza tries to bring down the drug cartel- but when he’s found out, there’s only one place to run… the dino-infested island interior!  It’s survival of the fittest at Jurassic Park!”


  1. Hooray! Life is always better when you know dinosaurs will soon be running about again!

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