Posted by: ryalltime | June 21, 2011

Infestation breaks out

The first issue of our follow-up to the INFESTATION event, INFESTATION: OUTBREAK, is in stores tomorrow. This 4-parter is co-written by the original architects of the event, Tom Waltz and I. It re-introduces the CVO (Covert Vampiric Operations) team, including introducing two new members, and turns the focus from zombies to a potential alien invasion. And if any of you have read any of our past alien-themed miniseries (namely one set in Groom Lake by me and Ben Templesmith, who provides the incentive cover here), then you might enjoy the series guest-stars who show up here, too.

The art is by INFESTATION artist David Messina, with covers by Messina and Davide Furno, as well as Templesmith’s cover for issue 1.

There are a couple advance reviews of the first issue up, too: one at Kitty’s Pryde and also at Newsarama.


  1. Really enjoyed #1, looking forward to more Archy!

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