Posted by: ryalltime | May 27, 2011

Happy 77 to Harlan Ellison

Happy Birthday to the grandmaster himself today — Harlan Ellison turned 77. And I just had to reiterate that fact here, after already talking it up on Twitter, as an excuse to show this amazing piece by John K. Snyder. Harlan once described himself as a cross between Zorro and Jiminy Cricket, so JKS created this piece for Harlan’s day today.

Not a birthday-related thing, but painted James Gurney recently posted this blog entry about his cover for the deluxe edition of our recent PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES project. That book was twice-blessed on the covers (or thrice, if you count the jacket copy and design by Harlan himself), since JKS did the cover for the regular hardcover, and the below Gurney painting adorned the dustjacket and the book itself (sans logo) of the deluxe edition.

Happy 77, Harlan. Onward and upward.



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