Posted by: ryalltime | May 10, 2011

Sam Kieth’s 30 Days

Also launching this week is an all-new 30 DAYS OF NIGHT miniseries, NIGHT, AGAIN. By acclaimed writer Joe R. Lansdale and artist Sam Kieth. And really, outside of the original creators, I’m hard-pressed to think of a team more suited to telling a bizarre, horrific 30 DAYS story that really hearkens back to the original series’ premise. Albeit with a nice twist, as something other than vampires turns up in the ice in Alaska. But really, a huge part of the allure here is SANDMAN/THE MAXX artist Kieth just being turned loose to do what he does, and Lansdale telling a tale that allows him to fully realize that potential.

Colors on the series are by Sam and Jay Fotos. Up first here are Sam’s pages, and then Jay’s finishes.


  1. Howdy. Lost your email when computer was changed out.

  2. […] of an ultimate art book containing over 600 pages) and providing the artwork for two mini-series – 30 Days of Night: Night Again for IDW (on shelves now!) and The Demon for DC Comics (Coming Soon!) – Sam has been […]

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