Posted by: ryalltime | April 19, 2011

Infestation: Outbreak teaser #7 (of 7)

Archibald (from GROOM LAKE) is back! Coming this April.

Teaser 1: Cross

Teaser 2: Nikodemus

Teaser 3: Britt

Teaser #4: Isaac

Teaser #5: Yumiko

Teaser #6: Bools

Issue 1 even features a cover by GROOM LAKE co-creator Ben Templesmith:


  1. Sorry. I read and enjoyed the original Groom Lake, but this doesn’t look promising. Guest stars in a direct sequal to an event I didn’t read? Doesn’t seem like I’ll buy this. Pity, I liked Leticia and Archibald in Groom Lake. This could be the potential pitfalls of building an IDW-verse, you risk losing those who just enjoy 1 series.

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