Posted by: ryalltime | April 14, 2011

Classics Mutilated and Reviewed

Our prose mash-up (“monster lit,” as we called it), CLASSICS MUTILATED, sports a helluva Menton Matthews III cover, and a kick-ass Joe R. Lansdale story that anchors the whole book, but I think the rest of us who contributed stories to the book did a decent job with things, too. I just saw this review of the book (which is also available digitally), which made me want to highlight the book all over again. It came out last fall, but a prose book from a comic publisher can use all the spotlighting it can get.

The reviewer, CreatureCast, did a very long, story-by-story review of the book, which also works to give you a nice overview of all the stories. About my story, a Norse mythology/TWILIGHT mash-up called “Twilight of the Gods,” he said:

Riffing on both the Twilight series and Norse mythology, this clever little parody boasts some of the funniest, most charming storytelling of the book. Loki replaces the Bella character and his rakishly sociopathic take on her romance is absolutely hilarious. Of all the stories in the book, this is the one I’m most likely to recommend to people.

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