Posted by: ryalltime | April 11, 2011

IDW Day at Tate’s post-game show

It was IDW Day at Tate’s Comics in Ft. Lauderdale this past Saturday (and coincidentally, that was also IDW’s actual 12th birthday, too). Tate Otatti, the store’s owner, was nice enough to throw a big party and invite me, IDW’s Retail Marketing Director Dirk Wood, and GODZILLA creators Eric Powell and Matt Frank to his store for a big day of signing Godzilla comics, looking at portfolios, and generally just taking in the amazing sights inside Tate’s Eisner Award-winning store.

But first, he took us to dinner at a Greek joint that had the most amazing grilled octopus… I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that ‘pus all weekend. Except when I think about the SPRING BREAK soundtrack, which we listened too way more than is safe for your sanity while seeing the sights.

At dinner here, l-r, you have Dirk, me, Tate, Tate’s friend Scott, Matt, and Eric:

That was Friday. Inside Tate’s store on Saturday, suffice it to say that this pic, taken from the upstairs art gallery inside the store, doesn’t do justice to the amazements everywhere you looked. I was just blown away by the store and by the great job Tate does merchandising and marketing comics and toys.

Here we are, posing before the assembled masses. Tate’s daughter joined us for this pic:

And then we were off and signing, with some special guests prowling around the store during the day:

And yes, I’m very jealous of this shirt:

Tate created a huge banner with his exclusive cover art on it. We all signed it after the day was done, and all mananged to not fall off the ladder while doing so.

Examples of how nicely merchandised this event was:

Finally, after a night out in South Beach that thankfully wasn’t captured on anyone’s cameraphones, we spent yesterday cruising an airboat around in search of gators.

This only looks like duct tape around his mouth, by the way — it was actually a piece of shirt from the last guy who tried to hold him and ended up getting eaten… or something like that.



  1. It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. Sorry I couldn’t manage to sneak in that 4 pack of Guinness. I ended up really enjoying Locke and Key and will definitely be obtaining the following volumes as per your recommendation.

  2. Dude you ROCK!!! IDW Day was so FANTASTIC!!! =]

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