Posted by: ryalltime | March 31, 2011

The Week in IDW

Since WonderCon is about to bring with it some good announcements from us–and because I’m about to spend the weekend ‘net-free (well, we’ll see) in the desert–best to clear the decks now.

The big news this week is the successful launch of our new GODZILLA: KINGDOM OF MONSTERS series. Issue 1 sold out in day one of its release, and the above image is the 2nd printing cover (logo is red foil), which is on its way now. gave the first issue a stellar 9.0 out of 10, too.

And We Are Austin (a town I’ll visit at the end of April for the World Horror Con) talked to Matt Frank, the GODZILLA cover artist who did the majority of the 95 retailer-exclusive “Godzilla crushes your store” promotion.

In light of yesterday’s GHOSTBUSTERS teaser, here’s a recent interview with GB editor Tom Waltz — Tom also wrote the new Ghostbusters videogame, and he talks ‘busters and SILENT HILL (he also wrote the new SH videogame, as well as the recent SILENT HILL: PAST LIFE series).

Eisner-winner Dean Mullaney talks to Newsarama about his latest entry in his/our Library of American Comics line, the mammoth Alex Toth retrospective, GENIUS, ISOLATED.

My latest “RyallTime” radio segment with Fictional Frontiers is available as an uncut, downloadable podcast right here. We’ll be recording the next one on Monday, and I’ve recently added a “Tweet & A” segment, so if you have any questions you want answered, drop me a line on Twitter on Monday, at @chris_ryall and I’ll run through ’em. That next show will be discussing some big announcements we’re making at WonderCon tomorrow. [The next segment, when it airs, will feature a special “RyallTime” theme song recorded by WIRE HANGERS/CRAWL TO ME creator Alan Robert and his band Spoiler NYC.

Greek comic site Comicdom recently conducted a long interview with me (and used seemingly the only picture of me on the ‘net that gets used in these things, my wedding picture (don’t think I always dress like that…). The interview, up in both Greek and English, is available here.

Craig Yoe‘s latest Yoe! Books entry, a great Bud Sagendorf POPEYE collection, got a nice write-up at the Onion’s AV Club.

USA Today ran a piece about Pilot Season, and one of the pilots they talked up was LOCKE & KEY. They released the first image of the Locke family from the pilot, as seen above or at the USA Today site.

And finally, proof that even competitors love LOCKE & KEY: the below image is from Boom! Studio’s new HELLRAISER comic. Pinhead owns a Ghost Key:




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