Posted by: ryalltime | March 30, 2011

“We’re ready to believe you… monthly”


  1. Cool. I hope this means Dan Schoening’s doing the interiors as well. I also hope the comic won’t be restricted from shipping to Indonesia, because that has happened albeit inconsistently. Some series and one-shots got through, others didn’t. Even my Displaced Aggression TPB order through my regular comic book shop got shot down.

  2. Dan Schoening! Consider this BOUGHT.

  3. […] teases something that I’m sure will be discussed at this weekend’s WonderCon — the launch of a monthly Ghostbusters comic. It looks like the teaser is by Dan Schoening, who has worked on the Ghostbusters: What in Samhain […]

  4. Wait, what?

    Hmmmm, interesting…

  5. […] Settembre vedrà il lancio di un mensile sui Ghostbusters. Non si hanno informazioni oltre a questo teaser pubblicato sul blog dell’editor Chris Ryall, in cui viene citata una scena del primo film di Ivan […]

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