Posted by: ryalltime | March 27, 2011

Fringe’s Magnum Opus

On this past week’s episode of FRINGE, they featured a special alternate-reality OPUS THE PEAHEN strip, tailored for the show by OPUS/BLOOM COUNTY creator Berkeley Breathed. Berkeley — also a special guest at this coming weekend’s WonderCon show in SF — was nice enough to let me run the strip here.

For anyone attending WonderCon or based in the Bay Area, Berkeley’s art is currently on display at the Cartoon Art Museum. And on April 2 (the day the person typing this entered the world a few years back), there will be a special party benefiting the Hero Initiative. In addition to the benefiting a good cause and being a place to meet Berkeley himself — and see the debut of the latest volume of our BLOOM COUNTY COLLECTION — we also produced a special book for the event, too:FROM BLOOM COUNTY TO MARS: THE IMAGINATION OF BERKELEY BREATHED:



  1. […] of FOX’s Fringe probably caught this on the show’s most recent episode — an “alternate reality” version of Berkeley Breathed’s “Opus” comic str…. Click on over to see the entire strip, courtesy of IDW’s Chris […]

  2. That is awesome.
    I love what the Fringe Production guys are pulling out for the Alternate U stuff–
    Still gotta get caught up on last week’s episode, but now I’ve got something to keep an eye out for!

  3. I did a freeze-frame of the cartoon while watching Fringe on my PC and the Hollywood name was not Paris Hilton as in your cartoon but it was Lindsay Lohan. The writers did the switcharoo on you guys!

    • Yep, here’s the screengrab I did, all those years ago. I guess Paris fell out of favor.

  4. […] Ryalltime […]

  5. LOL I don’t think this is legal…
    i love the way he runs to his house and back and climbs on the bench – so funny!

  6. so how can one obtain a copy of From Bloom county to Mars?

    • As far as I know, they’re only being sold at the Cartoon Art Museum. I don’t know if you can order directly through their site but it’s worth checking.

    If you make the appropriate donation, you gets the catalog. 🙂 I’m going now….

  8. sorry but that link gets me a 404
    but I can get to the page here

  9. PLEASE tell me this Opus the Peahen strip is going to be included in a future Bloom County Library edition (or the hinted at Outland/Opus the Penguin Library books)!

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  11. […] Here's an antidote: Berkeley Breathed's Opus strip in the alternate Fringe universe. Click here for more about it, and to read the actual strip. And Bloom County Vol. 4 is on the list of comics […]

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