Posted by: ryalltime | March 24, 2011

IDW invades Tate’s


Is it still Spring Break on April 9? Hope so…

At Tate’s Comics in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, you can come see IDW Retailer Marketing Director and Tom Waits’ illegitimate son Dirk Wood; GODZILLA co-writer/cover artist/superhero-comic provacateur/GOON creator Eric Powell; the cover artist who drew nearly 100 retailer-exclusive GODZILLA covers, Matt Frank; and this other guy named me are all going to be signing/hanging out/doing a dramatic re-creation of the ’80s film SPRING BREAK (“Anything you want, Ish can get!” Er… am I the only one who can quote that bad sex-romp from 30 years ago? Probably. Hopefully.).

Details are below, but basically, come hang out with us. It’s not included in the fine print below, but anyone who brings me us a 4-pack of Guinness gets 120 seconds (or however long it takes me to finish the beer) to pitch me on their project. You can also pick up either one of Eric’s GODZILLA covers, or the exclusive “Tate’s getting crushed” cover by Matt Frank. And the Speedo-clad Dirk Wood will leave a message on anyone’s answering machine for you.*

*You supply the phone.

IDW will also be celebrating its 12th birthday that weekend, too. If you need one more reason to come celebrate with us.


  1. Go Tate’s, Go!

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