Posted by: ryalltime | March 8, 2011

Bagge Boy

Coming next month, and just approved to print this week, is our full collection of HATE creator Peter Bagge‘s original Bat Boy strip that he did for a couple years in the Weekly World News. And I know I’m biased as both a Bagge fan and a Bat Boy nut, but man, I personally can’t wait for this book. Been wanting to see these collected for years, even before we ever had the license and before Bagge was nice enough to do an all-new strip for my own WEEKLY WORLD NEWS TPB. We’re doing this as a hardcover volume that reprints all 100 strips at pretty close to the original artwork’s size. And as you can see below, Bagge’s brand of lunacy was just perfectly suited to BB and company.


  1. […] more here at Chris Ryall’s blog: Bagge Boy RELATED POSTS:The final […]

  2. I’m not too familiar with Bagge’s other stuff beside the ‘Buddy’ series. Bat Boy looks pretty sweet, I’ll have to check it out when it is released! Cheers for the article, it opened my eyes up to Bat Boy!

  3. […] together two of my favourite things – comics and Seattle (one of my fav cities!) But this wordpress article really opened my eyes to the little darlin’ that is Bat Boy. Bat Boy is a comic that Bagge did […]

  4. […] Peter Bagge’s Bat Boy comic strips which ran in the (now defunct and always entirely bogus) American tabloid Weekly World News are now collected in hardcover thanks to IDW. All 100 strips are printed close to the original art size and you can see a couple of typically mental examples here. […]

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