Posted by: ryalltime | February 4, 2011

We built this (ZvR) UnderCity

With our current INFESTATION series coming strong out of the gates, and the first issue of the tie-in series TRANSFORMERS: INFESTATION getting really solid reviews from Newsarama, and Comics Bulletin, and TFormers so far, it’s time to talk about what’s coming next.

It’s actually too soon to talk about one of the things that’s coming next (although I’ll be co-writing it with Tom Waltz — CnT picking for DnA, and David Messina will be drawing it), but one of the books that’s tangentially related to INFESTATION and coming in April is an all-new ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS series.

Entitled ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS: UNDERCITY, this one will be a four-issue miniseries telling one big story, as opposed to the more anthology feel of ZvR: AVENTURE. Mark Torres is handling full art and colors on it, with Garry Brown, Fabio Listrani, and ZvR co-creator Ashley Wood handling covers on various issues of the series. I’ll be showing more of those covers and interiors soon enough, but for now, here’s a cool promo image that Mark put together.

And don’t get me wrong here — the ZvR world was the catalyst for the entire INFESTATION event, but you not only don’t have to have read a lick of that series to follow this new miniseries, but you’ll be able to jump right in even if you’ve never read another ZvR series in your life. (If you’re curious enough to drop a buck on the series and want to check it out, there’s a $1 reprint of the very first ZvR comic by Ash and I in stores now.) And you’ll see a group of somethings in this one that you’ve never seen in the ZvR world before. Not quite as sexy as the Amazons from before, but a bit more threatening…



  1. Good to hear that Undercity isn’t just a spin-off from Infestation.
    I’ve read all the previous ZvR series, but isn’t interested in Infestation.

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