Posted by: ryalltime | January 28, 2011

The Week in IDW: The Infestation Edition

A huge rundown this week so the images will be at a minimum but the links will be heavy:


INFESTATION, our first-ever “event” comic launched this week and so far, word has been great. The issue itself sold out quickly, with a 2nd printing coming next week, and it’s gotten really nice critical response and enthusiasm for the subsequent issues to come. It’s actually been kind of staggering, and very gratifying. This really was an event we worked on for a year straight before foisting it on you, so I’m really happy it started well, and I think people will only be more pleased when they see the “infected” books that tie in with this. Among all the nice words:

Nerdy Nothings had nothing but nice things to say.

Geek Chic Daily looks at INFESTATION

Cosmic Booknews reviews INFESTATION #1

HISS Tank reviews INFESTATION #1

Comic Attack reviews INFESTATION #1


Kitty’s Pryde reviews INFESTATION #1

Comics! The Blog reviews INFESTATION #1

General Joes reviews INFESTATION #1

Forever Geek says about INFESTATION”Greatest Crossover (it’s actually an event, not a crossover) of 2011… Already???

Comic Booked reviews INFESTATION #1

Writer Eric Burnham talks to Comic Book Resources about his INFESTATION: GHOSTBUSTERS two-parter.

Press Release: IDW Announces INFESTATION #1 Sell-Out, 2nd Printing On the Way

And we announced word about one of the two series spinning out of INFESTATION: I’m doing a new Zombies vs Robots series, “UnderCity,” with artist Mark Torres and covers by Torres, Garry Brown, and as you can see above, Ashley Wood. More from me on this next week, but for now, Hyper has all the information here.


In the non-INFESTATION IDW news this week:

Ceredo, WV resident and WYNONNA EARP creator Beau Smith got some love for his latest WYNONNA Project from the local paper.

Blog Critic gave a great review to our Library of American Comics title, BLONDIE: THE COMPLETE DAILY STRIPS 1930-1933

Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh talk to Comic Book Resources about their coming GODZILLA series.

io9 talks to editor Andy Schmidt about last week’s death of Cobra Commander in G.I. JOE: COBRA #12.

And so does Ain’t It Cool News’ Ambush Bug, talking to Andy and writer Mike Costa about COBRA #12’s shocking death.

Cammy’s Comic Corner reviews both COBRA #12 and LOCKE & KEY: KEYS TO THE KINGDOM #4.

Major Spoilers has great things to say about LOCKE & KEY: KEYS #4.

A Polish Joe Hill fan site speaks to Joe and Gabriel Rodriguez about LOCKE & KEY.

Geek Girls Network interviews writer Scott Tipton about his ANGEL: ILLYRIA minseries.

Newsarama talks to comic pros, me among them, about the demise of WIZARD magazine.

We’re An American Blog reviews Craig Yoe’s FELIX THE CAT: THE GREAT COMIC BOOK TAILS.

Blog Critics also favorably reviews FELIX.





  1. congrats on going to a 2nd printing!!!
    I really enjoyed #1, found the CVO bunch easy to follow and get into their character and motivations. Can’t wait for the rest of the series!

  2. IDW is putting out some EPIC comics. Infestation is all kinds of good! Cheers!

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