Posted by: ryalltime | January 20, 2011

The week in IDW

Last week, we (me, Chris Mowry, and editors Bobby Curnow and Carlos Guzman) did a GODZILLA-related podcast with Kyle at KaijuCast. It’s up now for download.

This week’s LOCKE & KEY: KEYS TO THE KINGDOM #4 got a “9.0: Amazing” from

Fangoria gave rave marks to INFESTATION #1, in stores on January 26.

Peter S. Beagle talked to CBR about the comic book adaptation of his novel THE LAST UNICORN, the hardcover of which is in comic shops on January 26.

Ain’t It Cool News gave high marks to JOHN BYRNE’S NEXT MEN #2.

One of the incentives we offered for the first issue of the new FALLEN ANGEL series, “Return of the Son,” was hand-drawn sketch covers by J.K. Woodward, like the image above. And the below YouTube clip shows J.K. sketching away on one of ’em.

This week’s issue of BUFFY had a letter from Joss Whedon with some nice words about the IDW run on ANGEL and SPIKE (which is still going until summer).


Yesterday’s COBRA #12 (see previous two blog entries) got a rave from Hannibal Tabu at Comic Book Resources.

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