Posted by: ryalltime | January 17, 2011

Doctor Who: The Tim Machination

Tim Hamilton, who produced that gorgeous Ray Bradbury adaptation of FAHRENHEIT 451 a year or so ago, is contributing to our new DOCTOR WHO series, which makes me really happy. Tim’s a big fan of Who, and his style suits the property, and this particular storyline (involving a certain Spring-Heeled Jack in 1800s Whitechapel) particularly. The first issue of this story is by ROAD TO PERDITION’s Richard Piers Rayner, with Tim jumping on for this second chapter (technically, issue 3)Here’s a first look at his sepia-toned madness:


  1. Spring-Heeled Jack?
    The other solicits talk about Jack the Ripper. Spring-Heeled Jack is great fodder for Who (although already done once by DWM) what with the whole “knocking on doors” and “looking for something” stuff in the legend.

    The Doctor looks well and truly creepy in that fifth panel. Nice.

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