Posted by: ryalltime | January 12, 2011

The Week in IDW

Catching up on the start of the year:

I missed a couple Fresh Ink episodes but Blair Butler once again had great things to say about LOCKE & KEY, in this case issue #3 of “Keys to the Kingdom.” And she also had very nice things to say about Joe Hill‘s other comic that ended the year last year, THE CAPE one-shot.

Also, with the TV pilot getting closer to shooting, LOCKE & KEY seems to be getting a new focus from some people who maybe missed it before. The first LOCKE & KEY collection, “Welcome to Lovecraft,” got a good new write-up here.


Our big INFESTATION event launches on January 26, and the kick-off issue got a couple nice write-ups from Ain’t It Cool News and Comic Book Resources’s Robot 6 blog.



The second issue of Steve Niles and Kelley Jones‘s great and creepy EDGE OF DOOM series got a nice write-up here.


Finally, for you Mesa, AZ (or nearby) TRANSFORMERS fans, there’s this Atomic Comics event to look forward to this weekend:

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