Posted by: ryalltime | January 7, 2011

The week in IDW

So this year has gotten away from me a bit. I got off to a strong start out of the gate, tossing up a couple bloggy bits on New Year’s Day and the day after, and thought “hey, I’m gonna make sure to post at least one thing every single day of the month.” And while I’ve been throwing up 140-character bon mots at Twitter (@chris_ryall), the blog sat fallow while I got caught up on making comics this week. One-a-days isn’t so realistic, I’ve learned, but maybe couple-today and on from here is.

Here’s what’s happened to start the year:

The clip directly above is Alan Robert sitting with his band Life of Agony and talking up his WIRE HANGERS graphic novel on the premiere episode of MTV’s new Headbanger’s Ball show. Bonus: no Ricki Rachtman this time!

SILENT HILL: PAST LIFE, which features just crazy-gorgeous and bizarre painted artwork by my ZvR “Kampf” artist Menton Matthews III, along with a great and dirty script by Tom Waltz, was named one of the Best Videogame Comics at Platform Nation.

In addition to topping most graphic novel year-end lists, Darwyn Cooke’s PARKER: THE OUTFIT graphic novel got written up by the National Post and the digital version up at iTunes got a glowing review at CBR’s Robot 6 blog.

Robot 6 also gave us a few nods in their 50 Best Covers of 2010, too (one of which has to be the bloodiest of the 50, but is also topical right now, what with the rainfall of birds currently peppering the country’s roads).

Also at CBR, I talk up a few things/creators I’m looking forward to in 2011. Which includes an exclusive mention of a new GODZILLA series we’re doing.

Joe Hill/Jason Ciaramella/Zach Howard‘s THE CAPE got another nice write-up, this time from Ain’t It Cool News. The one-shot, which came out just before Christmas, sold out at Diamond before the end of 2010, and ended the year with all kinds of glowing praise from people. So it might still be available at your local shop, or a special edition at Jetpack Comics, but I recommend you track it down soon since very few copies remain in circulation at the moment.

Also by Joe Hill, and artist Gabriel Rodriguez, the TV-bound LOCKE & KEY is beloved in France as well, according to this review of LOCKE ET KEY: BIENVENUE A LOVECRAFT. Bon, bon.

KILL SHAKESPEARE, VOL. 1 gets talked up at Comics Waiting Room.

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