Posted by: ryalltime | December 21, 2010

John Byrne’s sketch Men


JOHN BYRNE’S NEXT MEN #1 hit stores last week, and one of the incentives available was a blank cover with a unique hand-drawn image from JB. Since it takes a while to do over a hundred hand sketches, and with Diamond’s non-shipping schedule the last two weeks of the month, these bonus issues likely won’t hit retailers until early January. But here’s a look at what you’re in for, if you’ve got one of these on order. John definitely didn’t skimp on the sketching, and did multiple drawings of seven different NEXT MEN characters, so yours could look like any one of these.


  1. Those are pretty cool.

  2. VERY dissapointed in Next Men 1 – 15 years late and we get a recap issues. Thanks for nothing Byrne.

    I mean the recap could have been posted online or as a zero issue. Issue 1 should have been in media res. In the action and not boring filler (some re-used art too from past issues…how lazy can Byrne get?).

    And now he tried to curry favor by rushing out some cheap sketches (he refused to draw full body shots because head shots were easier…sigh).

    A real shame.

    • Joe, seriously, why do you bother? You clearly have an axe to grind, which is making you post untruths and foolish speculation. Just not sure why you bother if you’ve got such a mad on.

      The issue was 15 years after the last one. You expect everyone to remember every detail, with no recap? (Nothing was re-used, either, everything was re-drawn)

      He was asked to do head shots on the covers; he delivered beyond what I asked him to do.

      Just stop, man. It’s exhausting even reading your constant gripes, let alone responding to it. Not really sure why I do, any more than I don’t know why you keep buying if you hate the guy and his work so much.

      I do think you’ll like issue 2 and where things are headed, if you can possibly take the blinders off for a minute.

  3. Agreed Chris.

    Thanks to John Byrne and thanks to IDW.

  4. Chris,

    I couldn’t be more thrilled with the return of JBNM! A big thanks to you — we wouldn’t have the book without you, sir!

    This is a reall Happy Holiday for me ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Sorry Chris – we cannot all be mindless drones like Nathan Greno walking in lockstep with whatever Lord Byrne says.

    Some of us have opinions and last time I checked as a consumer in AMERICA we are allowed to express them.

  6. Those look AMAZING!
    Well done, Mr. Byrne and Mr. Ryall!

  7. Wow. Why so angry, Joe? You don’t have to like the same things I do. We’re not in a fight — you can like or dislike whatever you want!

    I do agree with Chris — I honestly wouldn’t bother posting on this site if I didn’t like JB… but it’s your time and your life… you can do whatever you like.


  8. Chris,

    Contact me if you have an extra Nathan cover you’d like to sell ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Thanks CHRIS for staying on John Byrne about getting back to this and for having faith in the material so as to put IDW behind it. The 90s were such a mixed bag of creativity in comics, some real crap and some really GREAT creator owned product. For all the down sides of the 90s in comics, it was a wonderful creative period that just couldn’t sustain itself economically. I hope JOHN BYRNE coming back to his 90s creation will be a sign that it’s “okay” for others to do the same.

    The sketch covers look amazing. ’nuff said.

    Joe Zhang — you’re a douche.

    Chris — now work on Byrne to get DANGER UNLIMITED back, too (I’m sure Nathan supports me on this)


  10. I fully support the return of DU — In fact, I let IDW use my DU commission for the cover of their Danger Unlimited collection! Next Men has always been my favorite — but DU is a very close second place.

    IDW is my favorite publisher out there these days- thanks for that, Chris!

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