Posted by: ryalltime | December 17, 2010

Who is Mark Buckingham

The lack of punctuation on the subject of this blog post is intentional — meaning, Doctor Who IS Mark Buckingham, or something like that.

Wait, did I just explain a joke and strip it of any meaning at all?

Anyway, I ain’t saying what this image is for just yet, but in honor and appreciation for the great job Mark Buckingham (and Bill Willingham) have done on FABLES, which hit the centennial mark with an amazing 100th issue this week, I wanted to tease a little something DOCTOR WHO-related from Bucky. Details will follow at some point in early 2011 — after our new 11th Doctor series launches (which it does on January 12) with its own Bucky variant cover. Mark is also handling full art duties on issue 5 of that series, too. But, well, this isn’t for that, it’s for something else.

Until I’m ready to say more, just help me raise a virtual glass to both guys on their work so far, and much more to come in ’11 and beyond.


  1. If you’re playing off the cover-headline joke from Doctor Who Magazine every time a new lead actor is announced it should be:

    “Mark Buckingham IS The Doctor!”

    I’m sure Mark wishes that were so… 😀

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