Posted by: ryalltime | November 16, 2010

IDW: The week in Reviews


MajorSpoilers had rave words for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS #1:

“If you are a fan of the D&D role playing game, there’s a good chance you’ve already picked up the first issue. That’s great if you did, as the book is aimed squarely at that target market. However, if you have never played Dungeons and Dragons, but you like sword and sorcery tales, then you should really buy this issue. It a perfect setup to a long adventure, and it just might pique your interest in heading down to your local gaming shop and finding a group to play with. I enjoyed this issue immensely (even if it does have zombies in it), and give Dungeons and Dragons #1, 5 out of 5 Stars.”

D&D #1 also got 5-out-of-5 from

Before you buy this book, though, go out and buy Dungeons & Dragons #0. You will not be dissatisfied, whether you are a D&D fan or a silly civilian. For you D&D fans, this comic also includes a character sheet for Adric Fell, a 7th Level Human Knight and an adventure to run, which is a sweet bonus. We are very fortunate to have such a strong team on this title. Make the most of it, please.


Newsarama talked to Gabriel Rodriguez at the NYC Con last month and just posted the video here.


Peter David and J.K. Woodward talked to about their upcoming FALLEN ANGEL: RETURN OF THE SON series.


iFanboy also gave 5-out-of-5 stars to TRIBES: THE DOG YEARS.


Writer Matt Nixon talked about redoing MOTEL HELL with

And my interview with Ambush bug at Ain’t It Cool News at the NYC con is now live and listenable, too.


Finally, just to reward those of you who read all the way down here, this has nothing to do with IDW but it’s a great tune, so enjoy this link to Jeremy Messersmith’s “Tatooine” tune and video. And then good luck getting the whole “Twin suns of Tatooine” refrain out of your head…


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