Posted by: ryalltime | November 3, 2010

Shooting Starlin


The latest hardcover art book assembled by Joe Pruett/Desperado Publishing comes out tomorrow: JIM STARLIN: A LIFE IN WORDS AND PICTURES. Like all the books Joe’s put together, whether on his own before (like the award-winning Brian Bolland book, Tim Bradstreet‘s book,  P. Craig Russell, etc.) or with us (we’ve so far released the Tony Harris and Dave Dorman collections, and are about to approve to print Jeffrey Jones‘ book this week, with others like George Perez coming early next year), this one is a full career retrospective and features text from Starlin woven throughout the entire book.

A brief look at the book is below, including the regular hardcover cover and also the deluxe signed & numbered edition’s cover, as well as a couple interior pages. The book really runs the gamut of Jim’s career, from his early days to Marvel’s cosmic characters in the ’70s and beyond, Dreadstar (a personal favorite, especially the first dozen issues — you should really check those out), his DC work (bye, Robin II!), Breed, and everything else in between (Darklon the Mystic, anyone? Anyone? Well, I liked it).

Jim’s prose in this book doesn’t pull any punches as he runs through the various editorial regimes he’s worked under. But mostly, this book shows a helluva lot of classic Starlin art. If you’ve seen any of Joe’s other books, you know that he really does make these editions the ultimate showcase of the creator’s body of work.

And yes, as you can see from the below, Pip the Troll is featured prominently, as he should be…




  1. Gorgeous! Any chance of some actual Jim Starlin comics at IDW?

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