Posted by: ryalltime | November 3, 2010

Previewing the 11th Doctor

In January, we relaunch our DOCTOR WHO series, with Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor taking over in comics for the first time. Tony Lee stays on as writer, with folks like Andrew Currie, Richard Piers Rayner, Mark Buckingham (!), and others (including fan-favorite mainstay Matthew Dow Smith, too. And I saw a nice Chris Samnee variant cover for an upcoming issue but can’t show that one just yet) handling art chores on the book.

Tommy Lee Edwards is on for covers each issue (issue 1 is above. And if you’re not reading TURF, the Image book he’s doing with Jonathan Ross, you really need to, it’s really outstanding), and Fables‘ Buckingham contributed a variant cover for issue 1, too. Bucky’s also going to be handling interiors on issue 5, as well as doing covers for a second WHO project we’ve yet to announce. For now, here’s his cover to the new #1:


We’re doing something unique with a special incentive cover for issue 1, too — we’re doing a TARDIS photo cover that is die cut down the center, opening up to reveal, well, this:



Finally, here’s a first look at the interior art for issue 1, courtesy of Andrew Currie and colorist Charlie Kirchoff:



  1. Be right back, screaming in excitement over this. Thank you so much for the previews!

  2. i love Doctor Who Comics.

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