Posted by: ryalltime | November 2, 2010

Trying on The Outfit

Even as the accolades for the first PARKER graphic novel keep racking up (the latest are a British Eagle award and also a prize awarded at the Lucca con in Italy last weekend), Darwyn Cooke’s second PARKER book, THE OUTFIT, is similarly getting lauded by everyone who’s seen it. Comic Book Resources has a long, literary review of the book, viewable here.

And on G4’s ATTACK OF THE SHOW last night, Blair Butler gave the books high marks on her “Fresh Ink” segment (for some reason, WordPress will not allow the coding that embeds the player here, so click this link to watch the segment.)



  1. Hi Ryan,

    Will this be available on the IDW digital app as The Hunter was? Also, will we be getting more JB Next Men or Jon Sable on the app soon?



    • Oh, and sorry Chris! I don’t know where the “Ryan” came from! My apologies.


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