Posted by: ryalltime | October 19, 2010

The Infestation begins

At the recent New York Comic Con,we talked up plans for our big INFESTATION event, coming next January. While you’ll be hearing more about that between now and then, I wanted to show some of the visuals associated with that first issue. Since the series begins in the ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS universe, Ashley Wood provided a special cover for the first issue:

John K. Snyder III will also be a big part of the event. Snyder will be providing covers that pay homage to ’50s sci-fi movie posters on all four of the licensed series that are part of INFESTATION, and he’s doing covers for the two bookending INFESTATION issues. Below is his cover for issue 1:

Tomorrow, I’ll run through the entire progression of Gabriel Rodriguez’s INFESTATION cover, from initial pencils to the finished cover coming on the next issue of Previews.


  1. That is truely an awesome looking cover! Man I miss this train how long ago did this comic come out?

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