Posted by: ryalltime | September 27, 2010

Coming up Next, Man

Let me make it up to you for being away and offline for a week (I’d love to say I missed the laptop but breaking that dependence for the first week in years was a nice, if momentary, respite), by offering up the first page of new JOHN BYRNE’s NEXT MEN comics in the past 15 years. I came back today to find the first issue waiting for me, thanks to Byrne and his unmatched work ethic (he’s never once come close to missing, or even butting up against, any deadline I’ve given him and he and I have been doing this dance together for years now).

In reading the script today, the story quickly catches up old readers and new on what’s come so far, picks up where it left off, and takes you in a direction you’ll never see coming.

Between this book starting in December and Byrne’s 4-part JURASSIC PARK series in January, next year promises to give Byrne fans a lot more of what won them over in the first place.


  1. Finally! Thanks, Mr. Ryall, for not giving up! Let’s hope you and John Byrne make this series through its supposed end – 20 or so issues, right? – or (one can dream) even beyond it!

    So… the Next Men wake up to reality… Again!

  2. Sooo looking forward to this!

  3. I am very excited about the return of JBNM!!! Thanks for the preview page Chris!

  4. Work ethic? Give me a break – this comic is 15 YEARS LATE! Byrne points the figure at other creators for late books but the old hypocrite takes his sweet time when its suits him.

    And let’s face it – his old stuff was better.

  5. Joe – you are a dip. JBNM #31 was never, ever solicited. The only look we ever got of the next issue was a cover image in #30. Byrne himself said that the series was going away until the market recovered.

    I am thankful that he is returning to this great series to wrap it up.

  6. Stop being a Byrne apologist “Cory” – face facts – issue 31 was solicited and shelved so Byrne could get his greedy little paws on some easy money churning out wonder woman stories for his old bum chum Paul Kupperberg.

    Try to stick to the truth ok?

    • I wish not knowing what you’re talking about actually stopped people from talking, but it never does. Joe, you’re way off-base and wrong here. I would explain the difference between a creator and a publisher, but there’s actually no need for me to dignify a guy who throws around invectives like “bum chum” with an honest response. Just go away, please. I’d prefer that rather than having to waste my time deleting any more response from you. If you don’t like John, fine, but take it elsewhere. This blog ain’t a democracy, you’re not free to spew trash here.

      • As I understand it, #31 was solicited, and Byrne walked away because he wasn’t making enough money on it, and saw a bigger paycheck in churning out Wonder Woman stories for DC.

        That was a mistake. He could have continued with his creator-owned work and taken the larger check at the Big Two, but he took the safer path.
        Only now, with all bridges burned, has he come back to neXtMen. If neXtMen fails, he will have no more gimmicks left.

  7. Maybe IDW should quit backpedaling when it comes to John Byrne. His sordid reputation with fans and pros alike is dragging down a fine company.

    I hope Chris Ryal does not go down the Byrne censhorship route and alloys some dissenting opinions on this blog. On the JBF if your not in lockstep with Lord Byrne then your comments are deleted.

    Byrne has done a lot of harm to the industry and deserves criticism he gets from the fans who pay his bills. We buy his books so in essence he works for us and should watch his big mouth.

    We expect better of you Mr. Ryal.

    • Couple things:

      1. Like Brian says, you make a stronger point when you correctly spell the name of the person you’re talking to.

      2. People can say what they want here, if it’s true and not spreading some false or vicious rumor, and if they don’t throw around invectives like “bum chum.” You get a vote here as long as you don’t abuse it. Which you’re about to do.

      Further, I’d love to hear you define the ways Byrne has harmed the industry or you fans (not that you sound like a fan. I am, and was long before working with JB, and he’s never once harmed me). Otherwise, your post is just more false, nebulous rumor-mongering that deserves to be deleted.

  8. “Nathan G”, I can’t imagine Chris can take you too seriously when you can’t be bothered to spell his name right. BTW, the part about how Byrne should “watch his big mouth.” actually made me laugh out loud. What are you, seven? Actually, that would explain a lot…hmm.

  9. Forget the trolls…
    Who will be coloring this series? My personal vote would go for Lovern Kindzierski.

    • Ronda Pattison, colorist on John’s two Angel vs Frankenstein issues (as well as this Next Men piece: is going to handle colors. Very excited about that, she and John make a great pair. As did Lovern; both are really well suited to Byrne’s art.

      • I liked coloring Byrne too.

        Dibs on new Babe art! 🙂

  10. Will BATMAN be in Next Men? I only commission Batman drawings from Byrne. I’ve also never read a comic book in my life. Finally, Hugh, I’m not sorry. You are a douche.

  11. It’s true. I find it very hard to be respectful of people whose opinions and ideas are abhorrent to me and their ways of communicating about them and defending them run deep into pure idiocy.

    I speak bluntly and use profanity every day. That my arguments here are particularly profane reflects the degree of passion and outrage I have over this issue. People ATTACK NEXT MEN. EVERY DAY. ADULTS. Because of a culture that encourages people to love and defend sexual inuendo more than it encourages them to love and defend human life!!!!


  12. There’s a reason why the Hulkster wasn’t asked to continue with FX.

  13. I’m really eager for the return of Next Men. I’ve just re-read the series in IDW’s three hardcover editions, and the story really holds up. (I’ve got the original issues but was eager to see them in the deluxe format.)

    Looking forward to seeing where the return goes!

  14. For the record — “Nathan G” is not me. Thanks!

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