Posted by: ryalltime | September 15, 2010

Elementary, my dear Jones

We do some projects that somehow slip under the radar in comics shops. Maybe because they’re not comics. But we’ve been doing hardcover prose collections of all the SHERLOCK HOLMES stories, in chronological order, and accompanied by chapter illustrations by Kelley Jones (these follow DRACULA, with illos by Ben Templesmith, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND, with art by Jenny Frison). Jones is a huge Holmes fan, and his love shows in all the illustrations he’s been turning in (each book has around 18-24 full-page illustrations colored by Jay Fotos). Here’s the lineart and colors for the VOL. 3 cover. This one’s coming in mid-November.

And nicely, Jones also signed on to do the same for an upcoming GULLIVER’S TRAVEL prose collection, too. That image, by the same team, is below as well.

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