Posted by: ryalltime | September 7, 2010

The unfurled Cape

In December, we’re doing another one-shot with Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella (following next week’s KODIAK), THE CAPE. This one is an adaptation of Hill’s masterful short story from his prose short story collection, 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS. The nicely full-circle thing about us doing this particular story is, this is one of the stories that really caught our attention a few years back, which is what led us to reach out to Joe originally and see if he had any comic-writin’ aspirations. Luckily, that call led to LOCKE & KEY.

Anyway, the book’s coming in December. If you want to see the cover progression for the variant cover by L&K artist Gabriel Rodriguez, go here to his site. Below, you can see his finished, colored art and the image that inspired the cover.

The interior art and both regular covers is being handled by Zach Howard, who’s done many great things, like some upcoming COBRA covers, but will always be my “first time,” since he did the art on SHAUN OF THE DEAD, my first published comic. Colors on both of these covers by Nelson Daniel.


  1. I hope I was gentle enough for you – it was your first time after all…

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