Posted by: ryalltime | September 2, 2010

Spike #1 5-page preview

Coming in early October courtesy of Lynch and Urru (a flippable 5-page preview is also viewable here at the Issuu site, too):


  1. Thanks so much for posting these pages.

    (I had such a crappy day reading about “the other” verse)

    • It looks good. Looking forward to reading it. Keep up the good work Mr. Ryall.

      Anca, as far as “the other verse”.. I hope that wasn’t in disdain saying that Dark Horse’s ‘verse is not the real one either. The man that created Angel and Spike is running that “other verse”. Hope that’s not some misplaced ill will towards the guy that allowed you to like these characters.

      • No, I’m not dismissing anything. I just really had a bad day reading spoilers and reviews for the latest issue.

        Spike is just starting his latest fabulous journey at IDW to be welcomed at DH by “some people” like that. That was my disappointment.

        Also, I hate UK bank hollydays (they delay further my comics).

  2. I am the MOST excited to see that panel of William’s turning, with ANGELUS in the background! So he WAS there to oversee the turning, maybe helping Drusilla, even! Very interesting..

    I also adore the panel of Spike getting hit, and the words: “But then, I fell in love with someone else.” :DD

    The evolution of noble vampires is also hilarious, and so true. I love it all.

  3. These pages have me absolutely salivating. I can’t wait to read the full issue! Mr. Lynch’s and Mr. Urru’s work on After the Fall so perfectly captured everything I loved about Angel…but here, I can *hear* Spike speaking to me. Completely in character, beautifully drawn. Well done!

  4. It’s a magnificent preview!!! I loved Spike’s short flashback panels and his thoughts – 100% Spikish! 🙂 Brian Lynch is awesome writer! The Urru’s art is more that brilliant! Thank you, Mr. Ryall!!! IDW rocks!!! I’m sorry only about one thing – the Spike’s series are in 8 issues only… 😦 I want the Spike’s adventures to have no end! Spike is my champion!!! The BEST ONE!!! He’s way way better than the broody and boring Capt. Forehead! LOL

  5. So excited about your new Spike series – I have enjoyed all your previous works with Spike – This looks like it will be one of the very best. Especially now that this may very well be the last new works with Spike and the Angelverse from IDW.

    You have the voice and character of Spike, IMO, the best of all I have read. Thank You for giving us the Heroic Spike, along with the Not So Heroic, but a Spike that is a great and multi-layered.

  6. Sorry – need to correct previous post – I was referring to Brian Lynch on the “great voice for Spike”

    Also, I started buying the True Blood Comics – outstanding as well. While Spike is still my Vampire of Excellence – True Blood and Being Human have great characters. Would I love to see IDW add “Being Human” to their publication list.

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