Posted by: ryalltime | August 31, 2010


What does everyone remember about the ’80s horror movie MOTEL HELL?

That’s right, the dude with the pig’s head toting a chainsaw. Which, as you see, is firmly in place for our revival of that old MGM movie. It starts next month, courtesy of Matt Nixon and Chris Moreno, with a first image here is courtesy of Zach Howard (with colors by Dan Panosian).

What we’re doing with these MGM books (this one follows IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE) is basically doing a modern remake of the original, so details change, it’s definitely not any kind of adaptation (that’ll be very evident by page 3 of issue 1), it’s all-new and just uses the original movie as a starting place… but you better believe that the dude with the pig’s head and chainsaw will be there. Even if he doesn’t look like Rory Calhoun.

A bit of stupid trivia as I also show you Tim Bradstreet‘s cover for issue 1 — a pre-CHEERS “Cliff Claven” John Ratzenberger appears in the original movie, too.

He won’t be in the comic, either. But when you have a dude with a pig’s head toting a chainsaw, who needs that future-mailman?

MOTEL HELL #1 of 3, coming next month.

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