Posted by: ryalltime | August 26, 2010

Sector in the city

In September, we’re starting something with TRANSFORMERS that’s going to feel a bit different than what we’ve done before. I think this one might sneak up on people a bit, but it actually is the start of a huge storyline, so I wanted to put a bit more focus on it.

Issue 1 of the 5-part TRANSFORMERS: SECTOR 7 kicks off the last week of September, and what it really is is the first chapter of a big story that will ultimately lead into the third TRANSFORMERS movie. The book’s written by John Barber and features Joe Suitor on art and colors, and you can see from the first two covers and one of the pages from issue 1 that this will be something out of the ordinary as far as TRANSFORMERS go. It delves deeper into the Sector Seven organization introduced in the first TF movie and fleshed out in our past TF movie-related comics. And like I say, it’ll be an important storyline as we build toward next summer’s big movie release.

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