Posted by: ryalltime | August 17, 2010

Exhuming The Coffin

Ten years ago, I picked up this little b&w comic called THE COFFIN. Didn’t know much about it at the time other than that it was written by Phil Hester and had a great cover by Mike Huddleston, the interior artist. I knew Hester from his art but had never read anything he’d written before this.

And the book blew me away. Cut to ten years later, and holy crap, it’s ten years later already. But that also means it’s time for a special 10th anniversary edition of THE COFFIN. Best part about that, other than the fact that I’m now able to publish this edition at IDW, is that it’s being assembled by designer Joe Pruett/Desperado Publishing. So I know the care and talent going into the design of the book is going to be on par with the story itself.

And here’s just a small taste of what the book’s going to contain (incidentally, it’ll be out in early October, and we should have copies at the NYC con in Oct.), in addition to the story, with Huddleston’s amazing art:

It’ll also feature a color story by Hester and Huddleton:

…character sketches:

…color pinups like this one by Toby Cypress:

…and b&w pinups like this one by Zach Howard:

So if you’re like me ten years ago and never saw this book, I really hope you give it a look. It was an amazing read then and it holds up great now, and all the bonus material is just that, some nice additions to an already stellar book. Very happy we could do this one.


  1. I picked up the original years ago based on a recommendation (I think over at and it turned out to be a pretty damned great book. Glad to see you’re giving it the love it deserves.

  2. Count me in as another early convert. The Coffin totally blew me away. It’s one of the few comic mini-series that I think would work perfectly as a movie, without any changes needed. Fantastic stuff.

  3. The Coffin is awesome! It really blew me away as I got it… so I’m looking forward to the new edition with all the extra stuff.

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