Posted by: ryalltime | August 3, 2010

I ain’t afraid of no comics

The final GHOSTBUSTERS holiday-themed one-shot arrives this October, and it’s a touching story told fully in iambic pentameter set around National Poetry Day on October 15.

Or, no. It’s actually a Halloween-themed tale written by Peter David. And as you can see from the pages here, artist Dan Schoening‘s pages look like stills from an animated series I’d love to see.

October 15 really is National Poetry Day, by the way. It’s also National Grouch Day, which I’m sure came into existence because of all the damned poems being recited that day…


  1. Nice color. I love cartoon style of this pages. ¡¡¡Ghostbusters!! 😛

  2. The only thing I’ve never liked about Dan’s art is his choice of Janine, which is the later season RGB (and GB2) Janine with the bob hairdo. I much prefer the first season RGB Janine with the wild hairdo, and would love to see him tackle that design one day.

    Otherwise, I absolutely love his art. I even have a couple of prints I got from him, though I still need to get some frames so I can properly put them up on the wall.

  3. Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about. As awesome as it is to finally get Schoening do a Ghostbusters comic, I literally squeed when I heard Peter David is writing it. Why didn’t anyone thing of this before? His writing tone is PERFECT for Ghostbusters!

    It’s a match made in the 5th dimension.

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