Posted by: ryalltime | July 30, 2010

License to Illyria

We didn’t make major ANGEL news at Comic-Con (that’s still to come), but we did talk a bit about some upcoming events, and also this: a 4-part ILLYRIA miniseries coming in November. Written by Scott Tipton and Mariah Huehner, and featuring Elena Casagrande on art, the series will feature a major event in Illyria’s life and have direct impact on the ANGEL title to come, too. Harvey-nominated Jenny Frison will provide covers for the series, too — her image for issue 1 is above.


  1. Amazing cover – am really looking forward to having Angel,Spike and Illyria comics running all at once! And November will be a good month with Angel vs Frankenstein II as well!

    And more big news? Cool:)

  2. Yes. Very, very yes.

  3. Also are there any more plans for episode adaptations?I have enjoyed those very much.

    • No plans for more TV adaptations right now (well, we had plans but they morphed instead into Illyria, since we got very excited about an all-new miniseries instead for now. But we’ll see after that!).

  4. Very curious about the Angel news to come.We got the new writers announced already,Mariah and David Tischman.

    I’m wondering if the Angel monthly will tie-in and give a little setup for Buffy Season 8 like the Spike monthly will?

  5. […] Following last week’s  showing of the ILLYRIA #1 cover art by Jenny Frison, here’s the other regular cover for the first issue, coming in November, by the miniseries […]

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